Marketing Deliverable — Get Creative: Brand it! Storyboard It!


In this assignment you will begin brainstorming creative ideas for your selected brand. The marketing communications section is an important part of the marketing plan. Study your brand’s advertising in the marketplace and market space. Consider how the brand helps you remember the product or service with creative slogans, logos, and more. Identify the target market based on the message.

To help you plan for the marketing communications section of your plan in Module 7, create a storyboard for a 10-second commercial or a print or Internet advertisement. The storyboard can be freehand, outlined, or use an online storyboard program such as:

Check out examples of storyboards here:


  1. Start brainstorming your creative ideas for your brand with a storyboard or presentation program such as PowerPoint. Your presentation should include 8-12 screens or slides with information about the message you want to convey to your targeted customers. Include advertising copy to illustrate your key messages.
  2. Include visual ideas to create a cohesive message that will evolve into your final advertisement, jingle, or commercial.
  3. Add a slogan and/or logo for the brand or service. You can draw the logo, use photos, or clip art.
  4. Add one social media idea such as a Facebook page, Instagram, or Tweet at the end of your presentation. Re-caste and repurpose your message for social media content.
  5. The final slide of your presentation should be your Rationale Slide. Explain the ideas behind your creative process. Include information about why you think this message idea appeals to your customer profile in Module 3 and customer segment in Module 4.
  6. The storyboard should include about 8-12 slides or an online template with a video/visual board containing message content and copy included to promote the product. In addition to the content slides, the presentation should include a Title Slide at the beginning of the presentation and a References Slide at the end of the presentation.
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