Marketing 220 chk 6


Directions: Please answer each of the following questions and provide examples from the text, if applicable.  Each response should be written in complete sentences and be at least one to two paragraphs in length.


1.      Explain how firms implement positioning strategies and the role of product differentiation.  Why is this important to a company?


2.      Explain the difference between marketing research and a DSS.


3.      Marketing research has traditionally been associated with manufacturers of consumer goods.  Today, we are experiencing an increasing number of organizations, both profit and nonprofit, using marketing research.  Why do you think this trend exists?  Provide some examples.


4.      Compose a reply to the following statement: "I own a restaurant in the downtown area.  I see customers every day who I know on a first-name basis.  I understand their likes and dislikes.  If I put something on the menu and it doesn't sell, I know that they didn't like it.  I also read the magazine Modern Restaurants, so I know what the trends are in the industry.  This is all of the marketing research I need to do."


5.      Critique the following methodologies and suggest more appropriate alternatives:

1.      A supermarket was interested in determining its image.  It dropped a short questionnaire into the grocery bag of each customer before putting in the groceries.

2.      To assess the extent of its trade area, a shopping mall stationed interviewers in the parking lot every Monday and Friday evening.  Interviewers walked up to persons after they had parked their cars and asked them for their zip codes.


3.      To assess the popularity of a new movie, a major studio invited people to call a 900 number and vote yes, they would see it again, or no, they would not.  Each caller was billed a two-dollar charge.

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