Marketing 1

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Part One (one paragraph):

This is a terrific time to meet your fellow classmates, to learn a little bit about them, and for them to learn about you. Please introduce yourself in the Introductory Discussion Board that can be accessed via the Discussion Board link to the left. If you are not sure how to get started, begin by discussing your background and why you are in school. Feel free to mention your proudest accomplishments, and offer advice to others. Say something unique or fun about yourself!

You may upload a picture by clicking "Post File" when you respond to the Discussion Board. Images in JPEG form work well, but the Discussion Board will accept other formats, too.

Part Two (one paragraph):

Please tell your classmates a little about what interests you about marketing. What is your favorite ad campaign? Please explain it a bit and provide a discussion on why it stands out. Do you have ideas for a current product’s marketing strategy? Explain.



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