Unit 2 Assignment: TOMS Shoes Watch the TOMS Shoes Video Case @ Shoes&clip=pandc/bp/2011/armstrong/ , and read about the company in the Marketing at Work 3.1 section of your text in Chapter 3 of your e-text. The video will take approximately 6 minutes to view. You can also visit TOMS Shoes at if you would like. When you are done viewing and reading the material on TOMS Shoes, answer the following questions in a Microsoft PowerPoint© presentation and submit it to the Dropbox. Assignment Checklist: Assignment, Unit 2. Requested information 1-3. Make sure to address the following in your Assignment: •Describe how the six forces in the macroenvironment impact the way TOMS Shoes operates Be sure to view the assignment tutorial below: “The Macroenvironment” 1.Provide a cover slide with your name and the assignment information. 2.Provide a group of slides for each of the forces in TOMS Shoes’ macroenvironment. Each slide should have the force in the macroenvironment and provide bulleted items that describe the ways that the force impacts the development of the marketing strategy. If a force does not impact TOMS Shoes marketing strategy, you would provide a slide that notes that also and why it does not. Ideally, you would have one slide for each of the forces, but a second slide may be necessary if an individual macroenvironment force has a large number of impacts. 3.Provide a slide that indicated the sources in APA format you used in the PowerPoint presentation. Citations should also be provided in the presentation as required. Submit a 9-12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint© presentation to the unit Dropbox.
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