The project is about a pre packed fruit and salad company mainly targeting kids, their caretakers and busy young professionals. 3 page paper required.

What are the goals of your email marketing campaign? What are you trying to achieve? Goals might include improving brand awareness, increasing traffic of a website or retail location, increasing sales, gaining knowledge of customer preferences or profile information, building relationships, etc.

What digital media channels will be used within the campaign? Email marketing campaigns encourage the reader to take action (such as clicking on a link, calling a number, buying a product) but the email is also an opportunity to ask the reader to engage in other medias. These might include Liking a Facebook page, following a company on Twitter, asking readers to join in the conversation on a relevant blog, checking in on Four Square, forwarding the email to their friends, becoming an affiliate, etc.

You will design a flow chart map out a clear direction for your campaign. The flow chart will include each email that will comprise the campaign, a brief description of the content and purpose of each email, and when each email will be sent (choose a 5, 7 or 10 day campaign with a minimum of 5 emails to be sent). The flow chart may be drawn using any program or hand-drawn.

Answer the following:

  • What are the goals of the email marketing campaign?
  • Analyze how these goals can be achieved through an email marketing campaign.
  • How do the campaign goals account for the target market demographics (explained on the top)? 
  • What digital media channels will be used within the campaign?
  • Discuss why each digital media channel will be used. 
  • Briefly discuss the contents of the flow chart and why each email is being used.
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