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manufacturing technology/materils


Submitted by NII on Tue, 2014-12-02 13:48
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xxxxxx xxxxx

xxxxxxx fiber alludes to fiber xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx fiber is x material embodying flimsy carbon xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx makes the strands stronger through the composite xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxx fiber are xxxxxxxx xxxxxx a long xxxx xxxx xx level. The xxxxxxxxx utilized xx x part xx xxxxxxxxxx carbon fiber are xx xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx shapes. xxxxx are a few xxxxxxx utilized as a xxxx of assembling xxxxxx fiber xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx thing to xx xx xx xxxx filaments utilizing materials that xxxxxxx carbon. Amid the xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxx xxxxxx x few xxxxxxx xxxxxx will alter the inner compound xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx that xx last xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx x solid xxxxxx xxxxx The xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx assembling xx xxxxxx fiber include carbonizing together xxxx extending forerunner xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx numerous warming xxxxxx xx distinctive xxxxxxxxxxx and xx this procedure, xxxxxx is excluded. The xxxxxxx methodology xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx

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