Managerial Information System


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Course Project Table of Contents (10-15 pages, a minimum of 5 referenced research sources properly cited using APA style, 225 points, due week 6)

Cover Page


Table of Contents


1.     Abstract

2.     Brief Company background

3.     Discussion of business problem(s)

4.     High level solution

5.     Benefits of solving the problem

6.     Business/technical approach

7.     Business process changes

8.     Technology or business practices used to augment the solution

9.     Conclusions and overall recommendations

10.  High-level implementation plan

11.  Summary of project




AGiven a description of business pressures in the digital firm requiring information systems solutions, describe the evolution, the current state, and the trends in information technology and solutions that address those pressures from a functional perspective.
BGiven a business scenario, explain how information systems can be used for strategic competitive advantages and the relationship among information systems, organizations, and business processes.
CGiven the demanding and changing role of corporate databases, evaluate various tools, technology and trends that can make databases more accessible and useful.
DGiven a business scenario, examine and explain the management issues and difficulties, and analyze the applicability of potential solutions surrounding wired and wireless communication networks, systems security and controls, and the Internet, intranets, extranets and cloud computing environments.
EGiven a high-level description of a corporate information system, evaluate the issues involved with effectively managing information system assets, resources, and processes (hardware, software).
FGiven a business problem that requires an information systems solution, write a plan to address the problem using an information systems planning approach that recognizes the role of information systems in business process reengineering and other types of organizational change.
GGiven a business scenario, examine and explain the ethical, social, political, and security issues facing managers in the digital firm and how these issues affect the incorporation of information systems.


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