Management Policy unit 9


Final Project Presentation:

The Final Project, due in Unit 9, is your chance to bring it all together. This Strategic Management Project Presentation is an in-depth case study analysis of the company of your choice. Final Project instructions are also available in Doc Sharing.

You may choose either a large, well-known Fortune 1,000 company that has information readily available, or a smaller company in your city or town which has information in the local press (the larger company may be easier). Pretend that you are a business and strategy consultant hired by one of your chosen company’s executives to present the new strategic plan to the Board of Directors (BoD).

Use the Case Study Analysis Format and Style Template, available in Doc Sharing, as the guideline for your final project. You will create this project in a PowerPoint presentation format. Use a bulleted list for each slide (page) and support the bulleted ideas in the Notes section of the slide. Use APA style and format in the Notes description section. Do include a References page at the end of the presentation for the outside sources you used and integrated in the presentation itself. In addition, follow the Final Project Guidelines.

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