Management Information Systems unit II case study and DQ question


Unit II Case Study


This unit addresses the role of the technology professional in an organization and how information technology (IT)

systems influence organizational strategies. This case study analyzes two retailers’ business models and strategies.

Then, it looks at the role that technology and IT personnel play in the assigned business case, and, finally, makes the

connection between how IT influences those organizational strategies. This assignment allows you to recall the learned

concepts and shows you how to apply those concepts to show a logical alignment between those requirements learned in

this unit and the assignment.

Assignment Instructions:

Analyze the case study titled “Who’s the World’s Top Retailer? Walmart and Amazon Duke It Out” on pp. 116-118 of

your textbook.

For this assignment, you will need to:

1. analyze the case study comparing Walmart and Amazon’s business models and business strategies,

2. explain the role that information technology plays in each of these businesses and describe the role of the various

IT professionals involved in this case,

3. explain how IT helps influence Walmart and Amazon’s organizational strategies, and

4. summarize your findings in a two- to three-page paper.

DQ Question


Please answer these question's in a two paragraph format:

1. What are some of the IT innovations that have led to improved collaboration in business?

2. Which do you think has been the most important innovations and why?



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