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management information systems-beggining phase

The CIO of the online grocery store -

 stores will require you to put in a zip code to browse their website. You will need to "browse as a guest." Before browsing as a guest, you will need to type in a zip code. Please use the following zip codes:For Peapod, use - 60446)

  • has asked you to create an RFP to submit your company's ability to develop and maintain this site.
  • Create a new folder called "LastName FirstName Project 1"
  • Open up Word and save the file to your Project 1 folder. Name It: project1.html
  • Add all the required tags
  • Title your web page: Your Name Project Proposal 1
  • In the <body>, add 2 headings. Title the first heading: "My Proposal" and the second: "My Research"
  • Separate the headings with a horizontal rule.
  • Type up as much content that will allow you to put together an RFP for a grocery delivery website.
  • Find a picture of project management (use google images), download it into your project 1 folder, and add it to the "My Proposal" section of your web page.
  • Add at least 3 resources to the "My Research" section of your page.
  • see attached for accompanying PowerPoint instructions

Due today 5pm CST


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