Making Connections with Learning in Context Activity( 3-5 hours from now)


I will upload files about what did I learn and this the link for the  article

 I want you to make a connection between what did I learn and the article what are the differences and the similarities between what did I learn and the article and also I want to answer this questions

a)  Provide the correct APA  reference format  for the article. Write one sentence telling why you choose to pay attention to your chosen article.

b)  Summarize the article in 1 paragraph.

c)  Relate this article to what you read in the textbook. What is the same? What new information did you read? What concepts from the text were discussed in the article?  What vocabulary did the article use that is also used in the text? Where were the same concepts discussed but with different vocabulary? You may use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast this article to the textbook.

d)  Where did you make connections with your own learning  experiences or what you have seen in classrooms?

e)  What ideas were presented in the article teachers could use to teach to the way the brain learns? 

f)  What topics or ideas presented in the article do you need to do more research to implement these skills in your classroom?  

********make sure to do for the article that I gave to you above and this the link again 

Thank you