Make an Operating Budget

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2011 financial statements of O’Reilly Automotive: go to , click on “Investor Relations” link on the (left) homepage, then the “Financials” link on the left side, under Annual Reports, select 2011 PDF.


Using an Excel spread sheet and the 2011 Annual Report as a guide, prepare an operating budget (income statement) for O’Reilly Automotive for 2012, explaining your major assumptions.


Based on your operating budget, comment on the expected effects on the 2012 year end balance sheet; what major balance sheet categories would change based on your operating budget, and why? Would these be positive or negative changes for O’Reilly Automotive? Explain in detail (it is not necessary to actually prepare the forecast or budgeted 2012 balance sheet).


How might this budget be incorporated into O’Reilly’s updated Strategic Plan? What other elements would the plan contain. Can you suggest any broad strategies or goals for O’Reilly? What would be the time horizon for your plan?

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