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Discuss the major trends accelerating trends, the global identity crisis, and the next generation of Dell and why you selected them.
2.Anticipate how these trends will affect Dell.
3.Determine the kinds of change management skills and tools that may be required to address the trends.
JWI 555 Assignment 4

The assignment requires you to anticipate and analyze trends and determine change strategies based on your beliefs. You can pick any organization that you are interested in. Define as many trends as you can that will have an impact on the company. Discuss these trends in detail and why your think they are important. You can use some trends from our class but you must also have a few trends that you develop on your own! Once you identify the trends discuss how they will impact the organization. Lastly, determine the change management skills and tools that will be needed to deal with the trends you have identified. Support your points as best you can and be sure to give your reasoning. Remember, above and beyond. Have fun and be creative. Be sure to use headings, along with references and citations. Let me know if you have any questions.
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