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9 - Case Study – Fiscal Policy and Presidential Elections

Suppose that fiscal policy changes output faster than it changes the price level. How might such timing play a role in the theory of political business cycles?

Please respond with a minimum of 250 words.


Often during recessions, the number of young people who volunteer for military service increases.  Could this rise be considered a type of automatic stabilizer?  Explain, why or why not?


10 - Is it possible for U.S. federal budget deficits to crowd out investment spending in other countries? How could German or British investment be hurt by large U.S. budget deficits?


Why are the Social Security and Medicare program headed for trouble? When will the trouble begin? What solutions have been proposed?


11 - Chapter 14

In countries where the monetary system has broken down, what are some alternatives to which people have resorted to carry out exchanges?



Do you feel that paper money will be eliminated all together in the future? Why or why not? Support your opinion with facts and text concepts.

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Macro economics

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xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx


xxx xxxxxxxxx Business Cycle xxxxxxx

The theory xx based on xxxxxxxx and fiscal policies as the driving force xx the economy. xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx policy xxxx xx x xxxxx lived rise in xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx followed with x xxx due to xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx (Drazen A). xxxxxx differ in the xxxxxxxx of xxxxxx makers xxx this xxxx to different types xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx that xxxxxx xxx to consider the economic xxxxxxxxxxx over the recent past and that xxx xxxxxx xxx’x xxxxxxxxxx future xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx who controlled xxxxxxxx policy would be xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx’ xxxxxxxxxxxx xx x xxxx to persuade the electorate.

The incumbent can xxxxxx xx inflation-unemployment cycle corresponding to the xxxxxx of xxx term with x high economic activity xxxx before xxx xxxxxxxx xxx x xxx xxxxxxxx level xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx Such xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx to xxxxxx market demand

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