MA84 Problem: Linear Programming - The Fluffy Toy Company

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MA84 Problem: Linear Programming - The Fluffy Toy Company


The Fluffy Toy Company makes two types of stuffed animals: Bob the Rat and Bob the Cat. Theequipment in the plant is a highly automated, flexible manufacturing system. While both Bob the Rat andBob the Cat are produced on this same machinery, the two use different settings. For the coming quarter,there is only 2000 machine hours available for production of the two stuffed animals. Fluffy would like tosettle on the product mix that that would be the most advantageous for the organization. The followingdata apply to the manufacture of the two stuffed animals.Bob the Rat Bob the CatFMS machine hours per unit 1.00 0.50Unit selling price $2.50 $3.00Unit variable cost 1.50 2.25

 Required -

a. Assume the market will absorb as many of either product that the firm can manufacture.Determine the product mix that maximizes profit. b. Assume that market conditions have changed. Now, Fluffy Toy can sell no more that 1,500 Bobthe Rat stuffed animals, and no more than 3,000 Bob the Cat stuffed animals. Formulate this problem as a linear programming problem. Produce the objective function and all supportingequations.

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