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This assignment requires that you construct a quantitative survey about your research question. You will be posting this for your classmates' review.

The survey should include 15-20 questions. Make sure that your survey includes at least one question for each level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, and interval/ratio) and one question that uses a scale (such as Likert, Semantic Differential, Bogardus). Submit your survey instrument here for instructor and peer review. It must be conveniently formatted. You can upload it as a Word or rtf document, or you can design it in the response space using the HTML editor.

 Format of the assignment:

  • Title of your study
  • Name of researcher
  • Identification of the audience (one or two sentences)
  • Purpose of the study (two to three sentences)
  • Questionnaire (15-20 questions) appropriately designed for quantitative study.
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