LSS 5100 Unit 1 Essay


This assignment focuses on one course outcome:


Course Outcome 2: Develop an essay focusing on the three key elements of online learning: time


management, communication, and organization.


For this assignment, you will be writing an essay. Before you begin, you will want to create an APA Style


format title page. For instructions on how to set-up the header section of the title page in Microsoft


Word, please click below to watch a brief video.


Creating an APA Header in MS Word


Be sure to use the font style , size 12. This is an APA standard. Once you have created Times New Roman


the header, click on the tab, , and choose so that your paper has one inch Page LayoutMarginsNormal


margins on all sides. Next, set your line spacing to or . Press the key three times double-space2.0Enter


and type the title of your essay. Press the key and type your first and last name. Press the key EnterEnter


again and type Columbia Southern University.


Now, press the key until your document is on the second page. Double-click in the header section of Enter


the second page. Repeat setting up the header for page two. The second page does not have the words


This is why you chose as described in the video. Different First Page ‘Running head:’ before your title.


Type a version of your title that is less than 50 characters, including spaces, in ALL CAPS and a Insert


page number. Close the section. Header and Footer


On the first line, type the full title of your paper in regular upper and lowercase. (As a general rule,


capitalize all words of four letters or more.)


Click here to view a sample of a title page.


In Unit I, you read three articles about one of the three key foundations to successful online learning- time


management. Organization and communication are equally important elements to you becoming


organization, time successful as an online learner. For your essay, discuss how you can use


management, and communication towards your career or how you can use these to be a successful


online learner (500 words maximum).


Submit your essay as an attachment in Blackboard. Please use the following format to name your file:




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