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LA6205 - Legal Issues in Higher Education

Discussion 1.2: Higher Education Governance: Grand Canyon University

Actions for Discussion 1.2: Higher Education Governance: Grand Canyon University

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In 2016, the Higher Learning Commission responded to Grand Canyon University’s request to revert to nonprofit status. To learn more, read Stuck with Profit,” an article by Paul Fain for Inside Higher Ed and the Higher Learning Commission’s “Public Disclosure Notice on Grand Canyon University” (February 25, 2016).

Share your opinion about GCU’s request and the HLC’s decision to block it. What do you think motivated both parties? Do you agree with HLC’s decision? You MUST discuss the main characteristics of the different types of higher education institutions and how GCU does/does not display those characteristics in your post.

Support your discussion with cited, credible sources. Cite your sources in proper APA style, using both in-text citations and reference entries.

Discussion 1.3: Articles or Cases on Topics in Higher Education                    

Actions for Discussion 1.3: Articles or Cases on Topics in Higher Education

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Post the citations or links to the 5 articles or cases you read for this learning plan. Accompany each citation/link with a brief summary of the issues(s) involved in the article or case.

Read four articles or cases posted by your classmates and respond to each classmate with a question about the issue raised in the article or case.

AM6000 - Air Transportation System

Discussion 1.2: Otto Lilienthal                    

Actions for Discussion 1.2: Otto Lilienthal

Analyze the Otto Lilienthal legacy and his contribution to air transportation. In your opinion, what was his most significant contribution and why?
LP1 Reveiw questions:
RESEARCH and ANSWER the following Review Questions:
  • How does the DoD interact with the commercial air transportation? Provide examples of how an interaction might go.
  • Congress, under pressure from the public, dealt directly with the issues of service, noise, and personal safety. When did Congress create the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) and what was their role?
  • What is the percent of time that the DoD works with individual air carriers? How is this time spent?
  • In your own words, explain the term “aviation”.
  • Recount the first official airmail flight; who actually flew the flight?
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