Lobbying vs. Advocacy


This document will demonstrate your ability to make sophisticated use of information including primary source material. In addition, your synthesis and/or evaluation skills will be combined with your knowledge, application, and/or analysis skills. This will be demonstrated by clearly highlighting the similarities and differences between lobbying and advocacy.

For this assignment, create a 1-page document comparing and contrasting lobbying and advocacy. For each term, define and give examples. Explain how they are similar and how they are different. Discuss how each of them is utilized to solve problems. Identify ethical issues early childhood education professionals must consider related to lobbying and advocacy. Discuss why they are ethical issues. The document must use a professional tone appropriate for early childhood educators.

The document can be a written report, chart, or other visual representation as long as it is original work. If you are submitting a chart or other form of visual representation, make sure to add paragraphs of commentary to provide more detailed information to support the points contained in the document. Include a separate reference sheeting using APA documentation to cite sources.

Your document can be created using a variety of Microsoft tools including: Word, PowerPoint, or Publisher. (If you would like to use a different tool, please discuss it with your instructor before proceeding.)

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