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The literature review chapter in the doctoral dissertation is designed to acquaint the researcher with the body of knowledge surrounding a given topic. There will be disagreements in published research results (tensions) as well as topic that have not been researched (gaps). These gaps and tensions are the basis for new research, and they are ideal topics for dissertation research. Adding new information to fill a gap or to reinforce a point in an argument allows the researcher to make a valid contribution to the scholarly community. In this assignment, you will identify several sources that can serve as the beginning of the literature review for your dissertation topic.


General Requirements:


Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:


• Requirement: APA style for writing assignments.




Identify five scholarly sources on your intended dissertation topic. Write a paper of 1,000-1,250 words that synthesizes the information contained in these sources. Include the following in your synthesis:


Intended Topic:  An Examination of Student Perception of Cyberbullying in High Schools


1. A brief summary of the primary research questions, purpose, limitations, and results of each article.


2. A comparison of the articles that identifies gaps and tensions between the conclusions made by each study.


3. A summary that proposes a specific direction for your research topic based on the gaps and tensions identified.

4.  Reference Page


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