I need someone who can help me only if he/she have read a book named "Race and Arab Americans Before and After 9/11: From Invisible Citizens to Visible Subjects". My homework will be answering  questions based on the book. please contact me if anyone have read and familiar with this book.I need this paper in 90 minutes, I am willing to pay 150.00 dollars for 3 pages, double space.



The questions is below:

Mazen Istanbouli

There is a lack of consensus about the definition of the Arab ethic category. Who is identified as Arab or Arab American according to definitions in the textbook? (chpt 1)

Scholars wrote about waves of immigration from the Arab world to the United States. Describe each wave, when it occurred and the type of immigrants.(chpt 1)

The meaning of race in America has changed over time, briefly track the history of racialization and the changes of the meaning of race in United States history. (chpt 1)

According to Louise Cainkar, “the racialization process experienced by Arab Americans differ in both historical timing and pretext from that of other groups in the United States,” please explain this statement. (chpt 2)

Many Arab Americans believe that anti terrorism policies have made them a distinctive racial group, how is this shaping the Arab and Muslim identity in the United States? (chpt 3)

The state of civil liberties has deteriorated noticeably for all Americans since 9/11, according to a number of authors in this textbook, how did this affect Arab and Muslim Americans? Give specific examples. (chpt 4)

According to the immigration and naturalization services, Arab Americans are considered whites. According to the arguments presented by a number of authors in the textbook there is a level of instability in the racial identity of Arab Americans, please explain. (chpt 5)

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