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erhaps one of the more diversely important defenses is the right of one person to protect him or herself from immediate severe bodily injury or death through the use of self-defense.  In legal perspective, the primary factor beyond the justifications of immediacy of injury or death is that the person exercising self-defense must be in fear and, in some states, unable to retreat to safety.  Using the web, find a criminal case where self-defense is the primary issue and complete the following analysis of your case study.

  1. Summarize the case with the important facts such as who, where, when, what happened, why was self-defense force used, and how did this case conclude.
  2. What factors in the case do you believe are valid for self-defense?
  3. What factors in the case do you believe (if any) invalidate self-defense?
  4. After examining this case, do you believe that the law should be changed in any way to make self-defense easier or harder to use as a defense to criminal intent?

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