Library Research Assignment


 1/How has the Music/TV industry been affected by the internet and digital downloading


§  How have sites such as Youtube , Netflix, Hulu, affected the TV/Music industry




Assignment Requirements


1.                     The annotated bibliography will contain SIX (6) sources (for Groups of Two) and NINE (9) sources (for Groups of Three) using the MLA Style for the reference citations.




2.              Of the 6 (9) sources in the annotated bibliography, at least 2 (3) should be from a book, e-book, personal interview, or media resource (i.e. TV broadcast, or film); 2 (3) should be from a periodical (newspaper, magazine or journal) and 2 (3) should be from freely accessible websites.


3.              Each source listed will also include a 3-5 sentence annotation which will describe the relevance between the information in the source and the topic of the research.


4.              The annotated bibliography should be typed in MLA style, Double spaced with one inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right). Include your names and page number in the header (top – aligned right), include your names, Prof. Name, Class name, date on the left side.




5.              A cover sheet is not necessary in MLA format!



Summary Activity


When you have completed your annotated bibliography, answer the following question in one separate page and attach to your annotated bibliography

If a friend asked you where you found the best information on your selected topic, based on your research activities, what would you tell them you discovered about the process and/or the information sources?

(NOTE: Every student is to write their own individual summary!):




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