"Leading for change" 



( Brief intro of what good leadership is and what this essay will be about - 150 words max)




1.       1. Explore the Central Michigan University competencies model(CMU) - Explain briefly about this model and also, explain why it is a good model for us to use to compare against our personal self. (250 Words) 


2.       2. Identify you current strengths and weaknesses as a leader (or potential leader) within the context of the CMU - Come up with a story of your own, example : being a leader/captain in a certain school camp - state your weakness and strength when guiding your team mates. ( Use cmu model - Please use the 'Leading others' Theory only ( and use the competencies under the 'leading others' to compare against your strength. State what weaknesses you have, therefore how you will improve on it. ( 400 words)


3.       3. Review the leadership theories explored in this course and describe how they relate to you and your leadership development (again in the context of the CMU model) -  Leadership theories (Traits, Behaviour, Contingency, Integrative) - Explain how each of this theory can relate back to your personal self. ( use only the 2 theories below and explain bout your personal self)

      Traits - example : (Drive, desire to lead, integrity, honest,self-confident)

    Behavioural - example : (People-centered or task-centered) ( 450 Words)



Please provide 5 references.  ( In harvard style ) if you can come up with more ref it will be great.

This report is more about using the CMU model to explain about yourself, do not include too much theory. However, include certain theory/explanation for the model. 


Words needed is as explained above. 


I have attached the CMU model below. please take a look.



Thank you. 





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