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Letter of Grevience- see below for instructions

According to the Wade & Tavris (2011), obesity is an increasing epidemic in our society today. Due to this obsession,

more and more individuals are embracing desperate measures to avoid becoming fat. The obsession with weight often

leads to major eating disorders. This is a major concern for you if you are a parent. Write a letter of grievance based on

the following scenario.


Your child comes home one afternoon and excitedly describes the pizza and fries that she enjoyed during lunch. You are

outraged that the local elementary school is still serving high-fat breakfasts and lunches despite the healthy food initiatives

championed by the government. Use the information found in your textbook, as well as the CSU Online Library, to draft a

two-page letter to the school superintendent addressing your concerns. 


In your letter, be sure to address the research in regards to genetics, environmental factors, and potential eating disorders

that are related to obesity. Also, include in your letter the various emotions that you are experiencing based on your

frustration with the local school district, and its negligence to comply with national standards for healthy eating habits. Be

sure to tell the superintendent about your daughter’s recent emotional outbursts when shopping for clothes. (Recently she

shared that other girls tease her because she cannot fit into her skinny jeans any longer due to her “fat stomach.”)


Do not forget to include a reference list for your letter. You must use your textbook and one additional source in your

letter. (Your reference page is not included in your page count.) All sources used, including the textbook, must be

referenced. Paraphrased and quoted material must have citations as well. Be creative in your response.