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Write a weekly reflective summary discussing the importance of what you have learned from this week’s readings or searches on the Internet. In addition, discuss how this knowledge will be useful to you in this week's debate arguments or the final project as well as a practicing public administrator.

Select at least three topics from this week's readings and discuss how they can be applied to your final project. In addition, research for appropriate resources that will be required to complete this week's final project and provide quantifiable proof of their validity and usefulness in completing the final project.

In your reflective summary, include the following details as well:

  • What have you learned about the implementation process of your new program? What are some major roadblocks that you can come up against?

  • How did you identify the agencies you need to include in your project and why are these agencies important for the implementation process?

  • How did you decide on an evaluation process and what sources did you use?

The information you incorporate in your weekly summary may include material as it relates to the three domains of learning: cognitive, affective, and conative.

Complete your reflective summary in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document

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