Legal research paper on pre Islamic Law and Legal system 13-16 pg. max.


I need an in depth legal research paper for law school about pre Islamic Law and legal systems. Because the professor does not want identical papers or topics I am requesting that the following topics are not incorporated as a major section of the paper: Marriage and divorce in pre Islamic society, the role of war in pre -islamic society, pre islamic probate and will system, and the system for lending money pre-islam. Some topics that you may right on or incorporate into the discussion include: origins, development and sources of laws in the Arabian penisula pre- dating Islam, Legal procedures for both civil and criminal sytems of law  in pre Islamic Middle east, study of systems (sytems of justice, systems of crimes and penalties, sytem of property and money) also i would like to have a rough drafft by this wensday


Please make sure that the paper is plagiarism free, and sufficientlt written with references and footnotes. And


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