1.            Define Human Resource Management:      



2. Identify the three branches of the federal government and the role of each branch with regard to equal employment opportunity. 

Branch:              Role:

Branch:              Role:

Branch:             Role:       



3. For each of the following situations, identify at least one constitutional amendment, law, or executive order that might apply:


A.            A veteran of the Vietnam conflict experiences lower-back pain after sitting for extended periods of time.  He has applied for promotion to a supervisory position that has traditionally involved spending most of the workday behind a desk.      


B.            One of two female workers on a road construction crew complains to her supervisor that she feels uncomfortable during breaks, because other employees routinely tell off-color jokes.      


C.            A manager at an architectural firm receives a call from a local newspaper. The reporter wonders how the firm wishes to respond to calls from two of its employees alleging racial discrimination.  About half of the firm’s employees (including all of its partners and most of its architects) are white.  One of the firm’s clients is the federal government.      


4. Identify an organization’s basic duties under the Occupational Safety and Health Act?    





5. For each of the following occupations, identify at least one possible hazard and a least one action employers could take to minimize the risk of an injury or illness related to that hazard.

                A.            Worker in a fast-food restaurant              Hazard:       Action:      

                B.            Computer programmer                                 Hazard:       Action:      

                C.            Truck driver                                                        Hazard:       Action:      



6. List and define the two main types of sexual harassment.






7. List and describe four steps that an organization can follow to ensure a workplace free from sexual harassment.











8. Read the Case Study: High-Flying Labor Relations at Southwest Airlines presented in Chapter 14 of your text. Even at a time when air travel has become associated with long lines, cramped seats, and invasive security, Southwest Airlines has maintained its reputation for keeping customers happy. To accomplish this, Southwest does not merely deliver passengers from one point to the next; it also tries to keep up their spirits by hiring and motivating employees to deliver a sense of fun.

Identify the general labor relations goals of Southwest’s management, its employees’ unions, and the society in which it operates.






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