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Module 8: Module 8 - M8 Assignment 1 Discussion

Discussion Assignment

Assignment 1: Reflective Exercise

As we come to the end of this course, it is time to reflect on your learning journey.


Review the course objectives and the key concepts explored in the course and write a 2- to 3-paragraph reflection in response to the following:

  • Consider what have you learned about:
    • Characteristics of a change leader
    • Ethical dimensions of change
    • Models of change
    • Impact of change on stakeholders
    • Types of organizational change
    • Challenges and resistance to change
    • Roles of leaders and followers during times of change
  • Which three skills and concepts you would most likely take away with you to use in real-world situations? Explain why.
  • What did you do well in this course and what could you have done better to gain more from this class?

Submission Details:

  • By Tuesday, April 25, 2017, post your responses to this Discussion Area.
  • Through Wednesday, April 26, 2017, comment on at least two of your classmates' responses. You can ask questions or respond generally to the overall experience. Be objective, clear, and concise. Always use constructive language, even in criticism, to work toward the goal of positive progress. All comments should be posted to the appropriate topic in this Discussion Area.
Assignment 1 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points

Initial response was:

  • Insightful, original, accurate, and timely
  • Substantive and demonstrated advanced understanding of concepts
  • Compiled/synthesized theories and concepts drawn from a variety of sources to support statements and conclusions.

Discussion Response and Participation:

  • Responded to a minimum of two peers in a timely manner
  • Offered points of view supported by research
  • Asked challenging questions that promoted discussion
  • Drew relationships between one or more points in the discussion
  • Wrote in a clear, concise, formal, and organized manner.
  • Responses were error free.
  • Information from sources, where applicable, was paraphrased appropriately and accurately cited.
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Assignment 1: Reflective Exercise


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