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Each student must submit a Final Project for this course. This Final Project will count for 50% of your grade in this course.

Leadership Theory Based Philosophy for An Agent of Change in Health Policy

Design a customized plan to effect a change as described below:

Develop a nursing philosophy that is based on a nursing theory you select.

Relate the theory selection to the mission of the organization.

Develop statements to describe the culture and work of the organization that fit the philosophy you have developed.

Integrate your customized plan to effect a change in one healthcare policy.

Paper requirements

Cover sheet (does not count for paper size), 7-10 typed pages conforming to the latest edition of the APA Publication Manual

Minimum 5 references from peer-reviewed publications within the past seven years unless it is seminal works on the topic or from the author (does not count for paper size).


see attached links for information regarding the topic of paper

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  • Write a 3-4 page paper; APA format; minimum of 3 references:

    Discuss how a culture of quality management can be promoted.

    see attached document for additionalresearch informationfor …