Leadership And Ethics for Managers ( MGT 615)



Select either a leader (Avoid political arguments, so no controversial leaders such as Obama). Not all these factors may be relevant; however, explore the contexts that may be relevant and influence how the leader makes decisions and acts. Prepare a 1500 words APA paper citing at least 3 Scholarly sources.

1.        Long-term historical, political, and economic forces include such factors as:

·    The history of the organization, if it has been around for a while

·    The national history, if relevant (for example, the organization may have a long-standing positive or negative reputation)

·    Political factors (for example, the organization may be tied to a particular political party or system)

·    Long-term economic factors (for example, the steel industry has long-term economic factors to consider

2.        Current contemporary forces include such factors as:

·       Cultural diversity (changes in the demographic and cultural makeup of the organization’s customers and other stakeholders)

·       Social values that may affect the organization, its products and services (for example, fast food companies are affected by the increase in obesity in the U.S.)

·       Technology (for example, many organizations are seeing competitors who operate on-line services similar to theirs; or organizations are expected to provide on-line services for their customers)

·       The economy

·       Social changes (for example, a more conservative political and social climate may affect the products and services an organization offers or how it advertises them)


3.        The immediate context includes such factors as:

·       The organizational culture and climate

·       The structure of the organization

·       The organization’s performance

·       The products and services delivered

·       The various suppliers

·       The followers (their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses)


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