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Submitted by Dr Richards on Wed, 2017-01-11 10:43
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Search warrant law is probably the most confusing issue facing law enforcement. There are situations in which law enforcement does not need to obtain a search warrant, and the ability to recognize these requires a current understanding of case law. Discuss situations where search and seizure is possible without a warrant. Name at least two specific examples of these types of exceptions. What are the limitations in these exception situations?

Submitted by Dr Richards on Wed, 2017-01-11 10:43
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Q. xxxxxx warrant xxx is probably xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx facing law xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx in xxxxx xxx enforcement xxxx xxx need xx xxxxxx x search warrant, and the ability to xxxxxxxxx xxxxx requires a xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx Discuss xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx is possible without a warrant. Name xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx examples xx xxxxx types of exceptions. What are xxx limitations in these exception xxxxxxxxxxx


Law enforcement officer or xxxxxx xxxxxxxx can search a xxxxxxxxxx location and seize xxxxxxxx xxxxx if x xxxxx xxxxxx a xxxxxx warrant to police xxxxxxxxx xxxxx certain situation xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx search xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx a xxxxxx xxxxxxxx There xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxx warrant rule in which xxxxxx and seizure xx possible xxxxxxx x warrant. The situations xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx’t need x xxxxxxx for search and xxxxx are: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx the xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx search

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