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LAS 432 Week 1 Research...

LAS432 - Tech, Society and Culture - Week 1 - Topic and Outline

  • Research topic and outline (possible 50 points, group grade). Guidelines for this assignment can be found in Doc Sharing.
  • Each team will select a topic for research and a team leader. Using the list of required elements for the project, each member of the team will take responsibility for researching specific aspects of the technology. The team will then produce a detailed outline for the project, noting each team member’s research sections. Please note, the list of required elements is just that—a list—and does not constitute an outline.
  • Although this assignment will result in a group grade, each person is required to submit a copy to the Dropbox by the due date. The team leader will distribute the finished product to each team member, whereupon each team member will submit the same assignment to the Dropbox.
Submitted by Asma on Fri, 2013-08-30 13:00
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LAS432 - Tech, Society and Culture - Week 1 - Topic and Outline

body preview (15 words)

xxxxxxxx xxx xx attached, xxx xx know if xxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxx classes. Thanks

file1.docx preview (278 words)

RUNNING xxxxx xxx EFFECTS OF xxxxxxxx IN THIRD xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx AFRICA)


xxxxxxx HEAD: xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES


The Effects xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx World xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx

Emanuela xxxxxx

xxxxx Moreno

Joseph xxxxxxxxx

Amer xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx Rattliff

Devry xxxxxxxxxx

June 16, xxxx

xxxx C

Team Leader: xxxxxxxx Manuel

Topic: xxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx in Third xxxxx Countries (South xxxxxxx

xxxxx xxxxxxxx Emanuela Manuel, Mario Moreno, xxxxxx Manbretti, xxxx Measllen, Christian Rattliff

Thesis: xxx xxxxxx xx the Internet xx developing xxxxxxxxxx such xx South Africa, creates an xxxxxxxxxxx to bridge xxxx new digital xxxxxxxxxxx It xx very important xx xxxx helping xxxxxxxxxx countries and xxxxx xxxxx citizens xx access xxx internet because giving xxxx access to internet is xxxx giving xxxx a xxxx xx increase xxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx sustainable economic growth.


Description of xxx Technology xxxxxx

Science xxxx drove the

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.docx preview (334 words)

xxx Effects of xxxxxxxx in Third World Countries xxxxxx AFRICA)


Devry University

June 16, xxxx

xxxx C

xxxxxx xxx Effects xx Internet xx Third xxxxx Countries xxxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxxxxx The impact xx the Internet in developing xxxxxxxxxx xxxx as xxxxx Africa, creates an opportunity to xxxxxx xxxx new xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx is very important xx keep xxxxxxx developing xxxxxxxxx and allow their citizens xx xxxxxx the internet because giving them access xx internet is xxxx xxxxxx them x xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxx chances of xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx economic growth.


xxxxxxxxxxx xx the Technology

xxxxxxx that xxxxx the Technology

Applications of the xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxx

The impact xx the Internet in xxxxxxxxxx countries

Impact xx xxxxxxxx in Third xxxxx Countries xx the areas of




xxxxxx Media

xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx Countries

xxxxxx of Education

xxx xxxxxxxx will help xxxxxxx on Third xxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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