FOR KIM WOODS ONLY EDU 486 Week 2 Assignment Dicussion 1

Over-Educated Workforce

The perception that a four year college/university education will bolster one’s quality of living is a strong cultural paradigm in U.S. society. In addition, a plethora of policies and programs offer a good deal of support for this paradigm. However, research suggests that we are producing an “over-educated workforce”, wherein one third of graduates from a four year school are unable to find jobs (Lunenburg & Ornstein, 2010, p. 271). Many experts suggest that our culture should place greater emphasis on career-based education platforms, where the focus is on helping children determine a pathway that is conducive to gaining employment, as opposed to one that ends with being awarded a four year college degree. The recommendation is that colleges and universities should also do a better job of becoming more focused on vocational training to prepare individuals for the realities of the workforce.  For this discussion, you will be divided into two groups. One side will argue for a national initiative for promoting career based education in K-12 and post-secondary education institutions, the other side will argue against promoting career based education and staying with the status quo.  

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  1. A-L, you will argue for adopting a national initiative (policy development and programs) to promote and generate career based education in K-12 districts and post-secondary institutions throughout the U.S.
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