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Overcoming Socioeconomic Challenges

According to Ruby Payne (2005), socioeconomic status impacts students’ school experiences. Payne contends that all students need emotional resources to achieve academic success. A few recommendations highlighted by Payne included providing emotional resources for students who do not have appropriate role models. Some of the highlighted recommendations include: providing students with support systems that help the student develop strategies to cope with adversity; providing students with choices when they are asked to solve a problem; helping the student learn how to find information and resources to navigate their personal lives (e.g., who to go to for help in math or how to negotiate through difficult situations); employing instructional strategies that meet their individual needs; and teaching the student how to set goals and create a plan for achieving the goals.

For this assignment, research strategies for providing emotional resources to students in an effort to bolster the student’s confidence and sense of efficacy in the classroom or within an organization. Identify at least three strategies you can implement in your classroom or organization to support students’ emotional development (i.e., confidence building and sense of efficacy). Describe how the identified strategies can be applied to students of various socioeconomic status levels (e.g., impoverished students, middle class students, and/or affluent students). Your paper should be two to three pages in length, not include the title and references pages. A minimum of two scholarly sources/references that support your plan need to be included and cited in your paper according to APA style guidelines.

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