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Part 1 – Market Information, Competitive Advantages and Strategic Focus


Based on research of the internal and external environment, determine strategic new direction



Begin by reviewing the entire marketing plan outlined in the Week 1 materials so you have a strong understanding of where you are headed.

Instructions for the first section of the Strategic Marketing Plan for the company selected and approved as follows:

Using the Marketing Plan Worksheets as guides, prepare the following analysis:

Provide a Situational Analysis of the current Internal and Customer Environments

Research and prepare an analysis of the External Environment

Complete SWOT Analysis and SWOT Matrix

Develop at least 3 Competitive Advantages based on SWOT analysis

Develop a Strategic Focus from the most sustainable competitive advantages.

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Part 2 – Target Market Segmentation & Product Strategy

Continued Development of Strategic Plan includes:

Analysis of potential customers, segmentation of market and selection of Primary and Secondary Target Market that supports the Strategic Focus. 

Development of Product Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus


Part 3 – Pricing, Distribution & Integrated Communication Strategies – Implementation Plan

Complete final sections of Strategic Marketing Plan and create one seamless document including feedback and changes suggested throughout the course. Additional content to should include:

Development of Pricing Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus

Development of Distribution Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus

Development of Integrated Communication Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus

Development of Implementation Plan.


APA Format Required

Executive Summary

Title Page and Reference Page

Use APA formatted headers and subheads as needed.

A minimum of 15 outside references required.

18-24 pages, not including title page, abstract and reference page.

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