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Are citizens more likely to provoke inappropriate uses of force from police officers that wear body cameras?  (Research topic)


Citizens are provoking police officers to use inappropriate uses of force while wearing a body camera. (Hypothesis)


For this assignment you need to submit your research methods section of your paper. You will need to explain how your study was carried out. What research design and methodology did you use?  Your explanation needs to be clear enough that it would allow someone to replicate your study.


For this research paper you will be carrying out case study research.  You will need to explain the methods used to complete your case study, the sources of your data, and its completeness.  You need to explain how your observations were translated into variables and those variables into concepts.  How did you measure your variables?  You need to explain the case study methods in use and the steps that were taken to complete your study.  Finally discuss any limitations for the study and your effort to correct these.


Total pages: 4-5 pages not including title page, and references.

    For this assignment, please put your research question and hypothesis at the top of the first page. You will not need it in the methodology of your final paper, but it helps me ensure you have selected appropriate methodology to test your specific hypothesis.  

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