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Read the book <the trial of socrates by six classic texts C.D.C.REEVE and write the 2 pages double space MLA format Journal. Also Include a quote from the <Daodejing> (by Laozi) and discuss a passage from the Daodejing, giving your analysis of how Laozi’s thought connects, or doesn’t, to the ideas expressed in your discussion above. Cite. Journal entries may not be made up at a later date. These posts are a place to process each text, usually at the beginning of a text, to figure out what the main difficulties of the text are, the main ideas for you, and to demonstrate the thoroughness of your effort to share what it’s like for you to read this text and what it’s about. Each journal must follow the guidelines below: · Think abstractly about the text and share the main ideas. You might brainstorm a few keywords first before writing to make sure you’re describing the big ideas. If you wish, you could use these keywords as a title for the blog. Not a summary. Tell your readers what the text is about at an analytical level, sharing underlying themes, motifs, issues. · Most compelling idea: what’s most important, interesting, agreeable

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