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Write a windows program in C# called CUDOS that keeps track of customers sales. Use a Microsoft access database to store the data.


I have been a computer system builder for a few years now and I have built and sold around 200 computers. Over the years I have noticed that there is one thing that I wish I had. I wish I had some way of tracking the financial end of all the work I have done. The program that I am proposing will do exactly that.

            I would like this computer program to keep track of my customer names, what they purchased and how much money it costs. I want this program to basically be an invoice software type of program specifically for my needs. I would also like the ability to see how much money was generated by running a report against the database that it will use. This program will keep track of the dates of the invoices also. Right now I could do this but I would be limited to using messy excels spreadsheets or the time consuming Microsoft access software. I would like to have an easier way for this to be done. I will call this computer program CUDOS which stands for Customer Database of Sales.

            This program will be the middleware to the database. From this software program I will be able to lookup customers by name and see each invoice. From here I will be able to view the invoices and modify them as needed. This program will also have the ability to create a new invoice and delete an existing invoice. This program will probably use an access database file in which to store the data.

            When generating a report from this software program I would like to be able to run a report for a specific customer or for total sales for specific start and end dates. I would like it to be able to display the averages for dollar amounts spent as well as median, mode and a total. That way I can see the average amount that a specific customer has spent per invoice or an average amount spent for every customer.

This is a diagram of how the database will flow. The customer will have their name and a list of purchased goods plus a cost and a date put in the invoice. This will be the input from the customer. This data can also be retrieved and be an output to the employee for review whenever it is looked up.


After this program is made I think that it will be much easier to track my customer database as well as the stuff that they have purchased. This will make it much easier when an issue comes up for me to take a look back at their invoice without having to search through all of the excel spreadsheets in a windows folder trying to find what I am looking for.I am very excited for this to be done and I hope to be able to start using it soon.

The biggest limitation that I might have with existing systems is going to be with the database software that I choose to use. I think the best one to use is going to be Microsoft access as my database. If money was no object I would use a SQL server to host my database although that also wouldn’t be the most convenient for anyone else that wants to use my software. I think that by using an access database file it will be the cheapest way to go and also offer the most compatibility with existing systems. The only other way that I can think of where this could be better is if my application had its own internal database.

My solution has many advantages. One of the biggest advantages of my planned solution is that I am the one writing the code. I know that there will not be any malware or anything else that I will have to worry about in the software. However I think that because of the fact that I am the one writing the software that it also puts this application at a slight disadvantage because of my experience developing software. My limited experience writing computer software code could potentially leave a part of the database or the application open as far as security goes or there could be a compatibility issue shortly down the road. Any bugs that are found I will be able to fix them as I see them and I won’t have to wait for anyone else because I am the author of this software. Another big advantage to this planned solution is cost. I won’t have to pay anything for this program. The only thing that is going into this program is time and my hard work.

One of the biggest things that I think I need to do in order to have the most successful program is to do plenty of research. I need to research on how to make my application the most secure it can possibly be. I also need to check out some applications that other people have wrote that are similar to the one that I am attempting to write to see how they did it. Maybe they have found a solution to the same problems that I am wondering about.

Another thing that I think will help is to experiment more with the application and do plenty of testing before declaring it the final product. I will have to create an alpha and a beta release of this software.

I think that with these added things this will help this application become very successful for what I need it for. There is also the potential that someone else is looking for an application that does exactly what mine does. There might be the potential that I could make a small bit of money off of this. More than likely someone has already developed an application similar to the one that I am looking to create and I just haven’t found it yet so mine will probably just be freeware. The only solution that I can think of that I have seen is by using Microsoft excel to perform these same tasks but in not as neat of a way. This will be a big improvement on that.


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