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13.  Using the fundamental principles of financial leverage, discuss how the ratio of debt to equity affects different stakeholders in a proposed merger.


18.  Propose alternative ways in which investors can receive cash returns from their investment in the equity of a company.


(Use the following for question 19.) Go to or and download a company’s prospectus from the SEC’s Edgar site. Choose one of the following sections: risk factors, use of proceeds, dividend policy, dilution, capitalization, Management’s Discussion, business or Management. Summarize what this section says about the company.

19.  Based on your summary of the prospectus section indicate whether it makes you more or less likely to buy the stock. Give your reasons for your judgment.


20.  Determine why corporations have their debt rated.

21.  Decide if an option is a derivative security. Give reasons to support your decisions.

22.  Compare and contrast options for warrants and calls in terms of pricing, and explain their most important differences.

24.  Describe the roles that financial managers play with regard to strategic planning.

25.  Discuss the risks of financing a long-term need with a short-term line of credit.

26.  There is an expression that it is best to operate a business using “other people’s money.” Given that other people’s money is reflected in accounts payable, explain how accounts payable affects the external funds required (EFR). Explain whether the expression is correct based on EFR.

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