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The purpose of this activity is to examine how we communicate ethically (or not) with people of different genders.

Consider Question 4 on page 155 of your textbook.

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Keeping what you have read and your own experiences in mind, respond to the following:

  • In your opinion, is there a difference in the way men and women communicate in interpersonal relationships?
  • Is it ethical to speak with women one way and men in a different manner?
  • Provide an example where you (or the other person) have changed your language or mannerisms due to gender (for example, if you were in an all-female group, what changed when a man joined the group?)
  • Do you think it is ethical to alter our communication based on gender?

Synthesize your primary response into a 250-350 word post. Provide at least one citation for a credible source outside the textbook, such as a research article, a reference book, or a credible research-based website. Be sure to review your writing for grammar and spelling before posting.

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