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This journal is intended to augment your understanding of this reading assignment. Answer the questions below to prompt your writing:

1. What kinds of abilities do Hawisher and Selfe think people need in order to be "literate" in a digital age?

2. What are Hawisher and Selfe trying to determine by collecting and studying examples of people's digital literacy narratives?

3. Which of the five themes (p. 644) do you think may inform your own technological literacy narrative? If you’re not sure yet, which of the five themes stands out to you as particularly interesting?

Submitted by phyllis young on Thu, 2017-01-12 00:39
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order_24455_This journal is intended to augment you

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xxxxxxx head: LITERACY xx THE xxxxxxx AGE � xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx DIGITAL xxxxxxxx PAGE \* xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx xx xxx Digital Age


Institutional Affiliations

xxx xxxxxxx age xxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxx where most xxxxxxxxxxx is found xxxxxx through technological devices xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx x digital xxxx xxxxx are xxxxxxx abilities xxxx they need xx xxxxxxx in order xxx xxxx to be literate. One of xxxx abilities xx for such xxxxxx to xx able xx use the technological devices xxxx provide such services of xxxxxxxxx such digital xxxxxxxxxxxx For xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx how xx xxx computers among xxxxx xxxxxxx devices. By xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx examples, Hawisher and xxxxx xxx trying to xxxx xxxx xx the factors that xxxxxxx people xx be able to be literate xx the xxxxxxx era xxxx as family, education xxx cultural xxxxxxx among xxxxxx (Hawisher & xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xx the themes that xxxxx xxx xx be interesting

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