ITEC 630 Final Examination

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Question 1: (20 Points – 4 Points Each) 

Multiple Choice – Eliminate all but the correct answer.

  1. Which is not a factor  to consider in software evaluation?

A. Performance effectiveness

B. Performance efficiency

C. Ease of use

D. Quality of documentation

E. Target Operating System

  1. In a database, Keys are:

                   A.  Data items in a record used to identify the record

                   B.  Normalized

                   C.  The names of database tables

                   D.  Used to identify the most important attribute of an Entity

  1. In a relational database, Metadata:

                   A. Specifies the size in Bytes of the database tables

                   B. Describes the name given and the length assigned each data item

                   C. Describes the associative relationships between Entities

                   D. Provides the answers to queries

  1. Peer reviewers are the key participants in which activity?

                   A. Structured walkthroughs

                   B. Top-down testing

                   C.  Six-Sigma quality checks

                   D.  Rapid Application Design (RAD)

5.            All of the following are true about Modular Programming except:

A. Paying attention to the interfaces is important

B. Modules should be highly cohesive

C. Modules should contain Go-To statements

D. It facilitates breaking the programming into logical, manageable portions

Question 2:  (20 Points)

A military information system on a base overseas tracks personnel on the base.  Each military member is tracked by

ID#, name, rank, and address.  Each military member belongs to an organization on the base which has an organizational

name, located in a building on the base and has a primary function (e.g. Communications Squadron).  Each of these

organizations is also commanded by one of the military members .  In tracking command sponsorship each military

member may have one or more dependents.  Each dependent has an ID#, name, age, and sex.  Each organization

on the base is involved working issues or projects which may be of interest to the base commander.  These projects

are tracked by a serial number and an origination date.  The information system you are designing will also track

descriptions of the projects and their close-out dates.

Build an entity relationship model for the above scenario.  Show all attributes and ndicate all of your key attributes in red.

Question 3: (20 points)

Draw a logical data flow diagram (DFD:  Context and Level 1) for placing an order based on the E-R diagram shown here.

System Requirements include the ability to

do the following:

(1) Enter new order

(2) Read customer master

(3) Read item record

(4) Create item order record

(5) Add order record

Question 4: (20 Points)

Select the best answer for each of the multiple

choice questions below about the Structure

Chart shown here.

(5 points each)

  1. How many times does the top module call  each subordinate module?
    1. One Hundred Times
    2. Three Times
    3. The Check Credit Rating and Update Credit File Modules Once and  the Dispatch Orders Module 100 Times
    4. Which module actually contains the logic to call the Update Credit File Module?
    5. Check Credit Rating
    6. Process Orders
    7. Dispatch Orders
    8. In what order does the  executive  module  call  the subordinate modules?
    9. Dispatch Orders, Update Credit File, Check Credit Rating
    10. Check Credit Rating, Update Credit File, Dispatch Orders
    11. Update Credit File, Check Credit Rating, Dispatch Orders
    12. Process Orders, Check Credit Rating, Dispatch Orders
    13. What tool would not be useful in preparing a Module Specification  for a programmer to code

         “Get Exam From Assignments Folder”?

    1. Structured English
    2. Flow Chart
    3. Data Flow Diagram
    4. Pseudocode
  1. Question 5:  (20 points)
  2. In this class, we’ve stressed the importance of various system analysis and design tools and techniques.  By now you should have a “toolbox” full of useful design and analysis tools.  List the tools in your toolbox and then write one short paragraph on how you can/will apply them in your careers, lives, etc.



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ITEC 630 Final Examination

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