IT234 Unit 5 Assignment 5

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Part 1 – Logical Design 


Video Centers of Europe, Ltd. is a chain of movie DVD rental stores. It must maintain data on the DVDs it has 

for rent, the movies recorded on the DVDs, its customers, and the actual rental. Each DVD for rent has a 

unique serial number. Movie titles and customer numbers are also unique identifiers. Assume that each movie 

has exactly one “star.” Note the difference in the year that the movie was originally filmed and the date that a 

DVD—an actual disk—was manufactured. Some of the attributes and functional dependencies in this 

environment are as follows:


Part 2 – Physical Design


Consider the following relational database for Happy Cruise Lines. It keeps track of ships, cruises, ports, and 

passengers. A “cruise” is a particular sailing of a ship on a particular date. For example, the seven-day journey 

of the ship Pride of Tampa that leaves on June 13, 2003, and is a cruise. Note the following facts about this 


- Both ship number and ship name are unique in the SHIP Table.

- A ship goes on many cruises over time. A cruise is associated with a single ship.

- A port is identified by the combination of port name and country.

- As indicated by the VISIT Table, a cruise includes visits to several ports and a port is typically included 

in several cruises.

- Both Passenger Number and Social Security Number are unique in the PASSENGER Table. A 

particular person has a single Passenger Number that is used for all of the cruises that she takes.

- The VOYAGE Table indicates that a person can take many cruises and a cruise, of course, has many 


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