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Assuming you are a marketing specialist in the company you currently work with (for real), and you were asked to investigate how the company should use online social network to improve its business. Given the limited budget, the company will select only one service provider. Can you select a popular social network site (Facebook, Twitter, etc) to investigate the following aspects:

- Profile of the site, such as size of user base, key features, advertisement product profile (both web & mobile based)

- Demographics of existing advertisement clients, and their success (or failure) stories

- Your company’s existing channels to out-reach customers.

- Any companies in the same of similar business as yours are using social network in their marketing effort.

- Recommendation about marketing product selection and projected cost.

- Potential downside, or any other issues related to this online social network based customer out-reach.

- Another other issues related to the decision your company is to make about this social network initiative.

Here are some sketch notes from my recent reading on Facebook IPO. Just FYI. just went its IPO, after about 10 years being a private business. Most of the company’s income came from its advertisement revenue.

What kind of advertisement products or service lines the Facebook has for its customers? What are the top users of the service line? Its claimed reason of going IPO is seeking extra fund to support its business expansion. Does the company so badly need investment – given its $2b profit last year?

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Since its introduction, has been in the center of online privacy debate. There is some coverage in this respect.

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