IT Homework


Please answer the 5 questions.





1.     Describe the functional components of an operating system, including kernels, modules, application program interfaces, and other services?


2.     Describe and compare various user interfaces within an OS?


3.     Assess the robustness, speed, ease-of-use, cost, applicability, and complexity of various operating systems?


4.     Describe the "low-level" functions of the OS including processes and threads, CPU scheduling, memory management, loading programs, and I/O interactions?


5.     Compare the traditional OSs: Linux, Windows, and Mac OS?


6.     What are the security issues with wireless LANs and WANs in a data processing environment? What are the recommended solutions to the issues identified? 


7.     What are the security issues with Wireless telephony? What solutions were implemented if any to address those issues?




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