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IT 210 Week 3 CheckPoint Sequential and Selection Processing Control Structure

Read the following scenario:

You are an accountant setting up a payroll system for a small firm. Each line of the table in Appendix G indicates an employee’s salary range and corresponding base tax amount and tax percentage. Given a salary amount, the tax is calculated by adding the base tax for that salary range and the product of percentage of excess and the amount of salary over the minimum salary for that range.

.Design a program that solves this problem.·      

.Generate a set of input test values.·        

.Perform a design walkthrough to verify your design.

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IT 210 Week 3 CheckPoint Sequential and Selection Processing Control Structure

body preview (4 words)

Your assignment xx xxxxxxxxxx

file1.doc preview (348 words)

Page � PAGE �1� of xxx xxxxxxxx �2�

xxxx xxxxxxx

Declare Salary, AboveBase, BaseTax, AddedPct, TaxDue xx real

Call xxxxx Module

Call AboveBase Computation Module

Call Tax Computation xxxxxxx

xxxx Output Results Module

End Program

Input xxxxxxx

xxxxxx “xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx the user xx find the”

xxxxxx “exact xxx xxx on an employee’s salary.”

Print “”

xxxxxx “Please xxxxx x salary xxxxx xxxxxxx now x $”

xxxxxx “xxxxx 0 to xxx xxx xxxxxxxx”

xxxxx xxxxxxx

xx Salary = x Then

End xxxxxxx

ElseIf Salary >= 15000 xx xxxxxx < x Then


Print “xxxxxx enter a xxxxx xxxxxx - x”

Input Salary

Until Salary > 0 and < xxxxxx

xxx If

End Input Module

xxxxxxxxx Computation Module

xxx Salary > x xxx xxxxxx < xxxx xxxx

xxx xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx

ElseIf xxxxxx >x 1500 and Salary < xxxx xxxx

xxx xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxx – 1500

ElseIf xxxxxx >x xxxx and xxxxxx < xxxx then

set xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxx – xxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxxx >= xxxx and xxxxxx < 8000 then

xxx AboveBase x Salary –

- - - more text follows - - -

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