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Unit 16 Review questions

1-      Which Registry key contains file association data for application startup?





2-     Which Registry key isn’t found in Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP?





3-     In Task Scheduler, a(n) __________ causes an action to be performed.

4-     True or false? You can configure a pop-up message, a text message, and an e-mail

message as actions in Task Scheduler.

5-     Which tab of a service’s Properties dialog box do you use to configure the operating

system response when the service fails?

A Dependencies B General C Log On D Recovery

6-     True or false? Power management features are beneficial for notebook computers



7-     Which power plan is typically used with mobile computers?

A Balanced B High performance C Power saver

8-     True or false? The Sleep and Hibernation options are the same in notebook and

desktop computers.

Unit 17 Review questions

1-     Which of the following Windows Diagnostics categories isn’t available in Windows Vista?

A Components

B Hardware Resources

C Internet Settings

D Software Environment

2-     Which of the following command-line switches for Windows Diagnostics isn’t available in Windows 7 and Windows Vista?

A /computer ComputerName

B /nfo Path

C /report Path

D /showcategories

3-     True or false? In Windows 7, you can use DirectX Diagnostic to test and troubleshoot video- or sound-related hardware problems.

In Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP, DirectX Diagnostic can be used to test

and troubleshoot video- or sound-related hardware problems. In Windows Vista, however,

DxDiag only displays information.

4-     In Task Manager, you use the _______________ tab when an application has crashed and isn’t responding to keyboard or mouse input.

5-     In Task Manager, you use the _______________ tab to determine if a running process is overwhelming the processor and slowing the system down.

6-     In Task Manager, you use the _______________ tab to monitor the users logged on

to the computer and to disconnect them, log them off, or send them a message.

7-     If you believed that an unauthorized person might be accessing a computer after

hours, you would monitor the Event Viewer _______________ log.

8-     Which event types are used only in the Security log? [Choose all that apply.]

A Error

B Warning

C Information

D Success Audit

E Failure Audit

9-     Which graph in the Resource Overview utility will show you the number of hard

page faults?


B Hard disk

C Memory

D Network

10-  In Performance Monitor, hundreds of computer performance variables, called _______________, are available for measuring and assessing a computer’s performance.



11-  If you wanted to identify a memory leak, which performance variable would you


A Memory: Pages/sec

B PhysicalDisk: Disk Transfers/sec

C Process: Thread Count

D Processor: % Processor Time

12-  Which of the following display types can you use to display data in Performance Monitor? [Choose all that apply.]

A Line graph

B Pie chart

C Histogram

D Pictogram

13-  When you use Windows Backup to back up the system state, which files are backed up?

14-  What are the two modes you can run Windows Backup in?

15-  Which backup type requires that you have the most recent normal backup in addition to this backup if you want to restore files? [Choose all that apply.]

A Copy

B Daily

C Differential

D Incremental

E Normal

16 For what intervals can you schedule backups?

 Daily

 Weekly

 Monthly

 At predefined times

 On predefined days


Unit 18 Review questions

1-     Which file contains the majority of operating system instructions for Windows 2000 Professional or any version of Windows 7, Vista, or XP?

A Ntbootdd.sys

B Ntoskrnl.exe



2-     Which file controls the boot phase of the startup process for Windows 2000 Professional or any version of Windows 7, Vista or XP?

A Ntbootdd.sys

B Ntoskrnl.exe


D SYSTEM Registry hive

3-     If a computer successfully boots, but the operating system interface doesn’t load properly, what type of error has occurred?

A Startup error

B Boot error

C Operating system load error


4-     What Windows 7 or Vista utility should you use if user-modified settings cause improper operation at startup?

A Driver Rollback

B Recovery console

C System Configuration Utility

D System Recovery Options menu

E System Restore

5-     Which type of error presents as the computer system booting successfully, but reports an error message when loading the operating system?

A Boot error

B Operating system startup error

C Operating system load error

D Hardware error


6-     A floppy or CD-ROM that isn’t bootable in a bootable drive can cause which boot errors? [Choose all that apply.]

A Invalid boot or non-system disk error

B Inaccessible boot device

C NTLDR is missing, or Couldn’t find NTLDR

D Bad or missing Command interpreter


7-     A problem with physical memory can cause which operating system startup errors? [Choose all that apply.]

A Error in CONFIG.SYS line ##

B Himem.sys not loaded

C Missing or corrupt Himem.sys

D Device/service has failed to start


8-     An outdated device driver that needs to be updated can cause which operating system load error?

A Failure to start GUI

B Windows Protection Error—illegal operation

C User-modified settings cause improper operation at startup

D Application install, start, or load failure


9-     If you’re having problems with a device, which startup mode can you use to record all files used during the boot process in a file called ntbtlog.txt?

10-  In the System Configuration utility, which mode can you use to load only basic devices and services while troubleshooting a problem?

A Normal

B Diagnostic

C Selective

D Debug

11-  You’re troubleshooting a device driver failure on a Windows 7 computer, and the failure is preventing the operating system from loading properly. Current drivers are stored in a network share. What startup mode should you use to resolve the problem?

12-  A user has installed a mobile-device docking station on her Windows 2000 Professional computer. When the user rebooted the computer, it wouldn’t load Windows 2000 Professional. What startup mode can you use to resolve the problem in the simplest manner?

The user hasn’t successfully booted and logged onto Windows 2000 Professional since she made the change, so you can attempt to use the Last Known Good Configuration option.

13-  Which Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP GUI utility allows you to view, disable, and enable software and services that run at startup?


B Boot.ini


D Msconfig

E Recovery Console

F System Recovery Options menu


14-  What are the four tasks performed by the ASR?

a Restores the disk configurations.

b Formats your system and boot volumes.

c Installs a bare-bones version of Windows.

d Runs Backup to rebuild your system and boot volumes from your ASR backup set.


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