Intro to Social Science (CJ) need (1)250 words plus (1) 125 words rebutal fully dictating your anger at the following video clip


Need (1) 200+ words and (1) 125 word rebutall so that I can post later; decribing your overall anger at this video clip and how you would as a crimanl justice student try and combat this problem in the future.  Please make sure you are speaking on a senior college level.



Why: Outcry Against Early Release Of Violent Criminals
Duration: (3:37)
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We know that our prisons are overcrowded and we know governmental funding for new prisons and correctional officers is not going to happen anytime soon.  So with this problem of too many folks being incarcerated, who should come in and who should go out?  Should we parole those who have committed murder..not serial killers or mass murderers, but the woman who may have killed her kids, her husband and may never kill again or juveniles who have taken the life of another juvenile?  Or should we release convicted sex offenders after they serve their time and let them go back to the streets where there is a potential danger to all of us?  Your thoughts this week on this hot topic.  Just think one day you may use your skills learned in this class to assist in making such a decision.  NOTE:  THIS  SHORT VIDEO CLIP WILL PROBABLY IRRITATE MANY OF YOU, IT DID ME AND I WOULD SERIOUSLY LOVE TO GET A JOB ON THE PAROLE COMMISSION IN FLORIDA TO COMBAT THIS PROBLEM.

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