Interpreting the Experts and Finding your Voice


Select a credible article from either the Kaplan library or through the search engine you use this search engine, be sure that you select an article available in its entirety for free, not just a brief abstract).  This source should be one that you could use to help you to support the argument you are making about your “big idea” or it could be an article that challenges the argument you are making. Read this source and then select a 1-2 paragraph passage from that source that is particularly relevant to your argument.

Begin this week’s invention lab by simply copying that 1-2 paragraph passage into the Invention Lab. Label this ORIGINAL SOURCE and include an APA formatted full References page citation for this source.

Next, write a paragraph that you might eventually include in the draft of your persuasive paper, including paraphrased information from the 1-2 source paragraphs you have selected and included above. Since you are using ideas from that source, you will need to give credit to that source by including an APA formatted in text citation within the paragraph itself. Label this paragraph PARAPHRASE.

Finally, tell your classmates what you find challenging about paraphrasing and citing and explain what you plan to do to overcome this challenge.

For a helpful review regarding plagiarism, citation techniques, and what constitutes “common knowledge,” see  Basic Citation Guidelines.

For examples of common APA citation styles, both in-text and reference page, see  Common Citations in APA Format (updated October 20, 2011) .

This workshop offers tips on citing web sources: Citing Web Sources with Ease  .

Finally, for paraphrasing strategies, review the In Your Own Words: The Art of Paraphrasing   workshop.

Your post (excluding the cut and pasted original source) should be at least 200 words.

When you respond to at least two classmates, be sure to offer advice about the paraphrase and citations. Is the source paraphrased effectively? Are the in text and reference page citations included and are both in correct APA format? What suggestions for revising the APA citation would you recommend?

If you yourself are uncertain about APA citations format requirements, try using a citation generator like the one available in the Kaplan Library databases, Bib Me or Knight Cite and see how the citation it creates compares to those created by your classmates. What are the benefits and drawbacks of these generators?



The tales from the mythologies always had both the positive and acceptable drinking and the disastrous results of incorrect drinking.  Modern society does not have this balance.  As shown above, there is an example of overbalance on the positives of drinking, there are culturally accepted situations that overemphasize the negative aspects to the detriment of the positive aspects.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving and/or Students Against Drunk Driving are two examples of the negative aspects of drinking: the hideous accident pictures, the legal repercussions, the lifelong health issues of over drinking.  They never mention the positive aspects of drinking: health benefits in moderation, societal interactions, and in moderation a pretty good buzz.

Froyd, S.  (2009).  Wine, Mead and Ale: The Rhetoric of Alcohol in Greek and Germanic Mythology.  Ann
       Arbor: Proquest/UMI.

There has been a lot of discussion about drinking across the country both at the local level and the national, but it is unbalanced.  A lot of it focuses on the negative effects, but it doesn't talk about the positive effects or vice versa (Froyd, 2009, 226).  This discussion, however, lacks a basis in a widely accepted story in our culture.  Previous cultures always included the good and bad results of drinking in their stories (Froyd, 2009, 226).  These myths were widely known and they had examples of alcohol use in them.  It would be a good idea if this country were able to learn from this and realize the need for both sides national dialogue. 

I think the biggest problem with paraphrasing is having to change both the word choice and the sentence structure, there are times when you want to use the same phrases because they sound good, but those need to be changed.  I plan to overcome this challenge by closely comparing my paraphrased sentences with the sentences in the original quotes.  There will be times, I suppose, where it will be absolutely necessary to use quotes instead of paraphrases especially when it sounds better and helps support my argument without hassle. [If you want an A on your post, this is the spot to discuss information from the readings!]


NOTE: In my paragraph where I used the paraphrase, I paraphrased two sentences.  You only have to do one.  Also note: you need at least 200 words in your post, not including the cut/pasted version.  You may find the paragraph you write here (with the paraphrase in it) to be useful in your paper later on.


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